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Dr. Bill Andrews, PhD, interviewed on by Lisa Tamati

As another year has just rolled over and I quickly approach the half century mark in my life, I have to admit to a growing desire to do everything I can to slow the clock down and to stop the dreaded decline of old age. For both myself and my ageing loved ones. I am constantly on the look out for the latest in anti-ageing breakthroughs and technologies. It's something that preoccupies many of us in our quest to live long, healthy, strong lives. But what if I told you that scientists have now got the power to stop time or even to reverse the ageing process? Would you think that is just science fiction. The fountain of youth doesn't exist, well listen up. Recently I had the privilege of having

Stunning gene therapy breakthroughs are a riposte to our truth-tarnished times

There has been a surprising outbreak of the use of the c-word among medical researchers over the past few days. Normally cautious in their language, they have nevertheless been wielding the term “cure” when discussing the long-term potential of two separate treatments for inherited ailments that were announced last week. Such enthusiasm is striking. In one case, scientists based at St Bartholomew’s, London – who have been working on the inherited bleeding disorder haemophilia A – outlined how they had used a virus to carry the gene for the blood-clotting chemical, factor VIII (which patients lack) to their livers. Production of the missing chemical was restored and their bleeding halted. The

Gene Therapy for Blindness Approved by FDA in Groundbreaking Moment for DNA-Based Medicine

The Food and Drug Administration approved a groundbreaking gene therapy to treat a rare form of blindness Wednesday. The drug, Luxturna, is intended to treat a genetic form of blindness called retinal blindness that affects about 1,000 to 2,000 people in the United States. The price of the treatment—widely speculated to be $1 million—will not be announced until early January, according to a spokesperson. "It really is a trailblazer for using gene delivery," Stephen Rose tells Newsweek. Rose is the chief scientific officer of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, which funded some of the preliminary research on the therapy. (The treatment, first developed at the Children's Hospital of Philadelph

Cancer survivors have shorter lifespan due to telomere shortening finds new study

A large study has found that people who have survived cancer and its treatment are more likely to die sooner and have a shorter lifespan compared to those who have never had cancer. The study is actually a synthesis of over 1,200 published studies that looked at the average life expectancy of people who have had childhood cancers and have survived them with adequate treatment. Results show that their life expectancy is 30 percent less than the general population. The study was published in the journal of the European Society of Medical Oncology or ESMO Open. The study emphasizes on the different complications that may arise among cancer survivors who have beaten the disease as youngsters. Th

Libella Gene Therapeutics Announces Experimental Research Project in Hopes of Reversing Alzheimer&#3

Libella Gene Therapeutics is excited to announce an experimental research project using gene therapy to treat and ultimately cure Alzheimer's Disease. Every day 228 Americans die from Alzheimer's, and there is currently no known treatment or cure for the disease. The experimental research project will treat a limited number of patients using gene therapy treatment to lengthen telomeres. Dr. Bill Andrews and Libella Gene Therapeutics believe that lengthening telomeres is the key to treating and possibly curing Alzheimer's Disease. Libella Gene Therapeutics' delivery system has been demonstrated as safe, with minimal adverse reactions in over 186 clinical trials. On why they decided to go the

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