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Breakthrough Gene Therapy Clinical Trial is the World's First That Aims to Reverse 20 Years of A

This is the world's first IRB-approved clinical trial aimed at reversing aging by at least 20 years; it is also the world's most expensive pay-to-play trial with a one million price tag to enroll. Libella Gene Therapeutics, LLC ("Libella") announces an institutional review board (IRB)-approved pay-to-play clinical trial in Colombia (South America) using gene therapy that aims to treat and ultimately cure aging. This could lead to Libella offering the world's only treatment to cure and reverse aging by 20 years. Under Libella's pay-to-play model, trial participants will be enrolled in their country of origin after paying $1 million. Participants will travel to Colombia to sign their informed

Rapidly Aging Cells May Contribute to Shorter Lifespan of Fabry Patients, Study Finds

Certain cells in patients with Fabry disease seem to age more rapidly than in healthy people, which may explain why patients have a shorter lifespan compared to the general population, a study has found. By measuring “molecular clocks” linked to aging, called telomeres, researchers saw that cells from male patients looked “older,” a possible reason why men with Fabry disease typically don’t live as long as women. The researchers suggested that testing for telomere markers may be a possible way to help identify patients at high risk of disease progression. Their study, “Aging in Fabry Disease: Role of Telomere Length, Telomerase Activity, and Kidney Disease,” was published in the journal Neph

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We target cellular aging by Telomerase Gene Induction and  Gene Delivery.

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