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CNIO researchers discover that the rate of telomere shortening predicts species lifespan

Discovery of a new general pattern in biologyComparison of telomeres of goats, dolphins, gulls, reindeer, vultures, flamingos, elephants, mice and humans reveals that species whose telomeres shorten faster have shorter lives “We have found a universal pattern, a phenomenon that explains the lifespans of the species,” says Maria Blasco, senior author of the study The results are published in the journal 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' ('PNAS') A flamingo lives 40 years and a human being lives 90 years; a mouse lives two years and an elephant lives 60. Why? What determines the lifespan of a species? After analyzing nine species of mammals and birds, researchers at the Spanish

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We target cellular aging by Telomerase Gene Induction and  Gene Delivery.

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