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Libella Gene Therapeuthics

Alzheimer's Human Clinical Trial

Sierra Sciences has exclusively licensed its proprietary Gene Therapy technology to Defytime's sister company Libella

Gene Therapeutics to conduct a human research project with the goal of curing Alzheimer’s.

By activating telomerase through Gene Therapy, telomeres in all patient's body’s cells will be lengthened.  To have an effective delivery system for telomerase to reach every cell in the body, trillions of virus particles must be produced for each human trial. The production of enough virus particles to treat one person takes anywhere from four months to a year to complete. Because of the demands on production, we will have a limited number of trials available:  we anticipate having around 50 spots over the next 12 months.

There are no treatments for Alzheimer’s disease right now, and breakthroughs of this magnitude are an expensive endeavor.  Part of our mission is to convince those of means and influence to take part in our human research project. Chances of finding a cure that can help tens of millions of people are plausible. The results of our human research project may very well be the biggest breakthrough in medical history.

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