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Gene Delivery


Gene Delivery (aka Gene Therapy) offers the ability to permanently correct a disease at its most basic level, the genome, and offers cures for many conditions that are considered incurable at this time, including biological aging. 

Our in Vivo Gene Delivery procedure is administered as follows:


- A section of the DNA/gene containing instructions for making the useful protein (Telomerase) is packaged within an AAV* viral vector.

- The viral vector is then injected, acting as a vehicle to carry the new DNA into the cells of the patient.

- Once inside the cells of the patient, the gene is expressed by the cell’s normal machinery leading to production of the therapeutic protein.

*AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) vectors are not pathogenic to humans and cause limited and infrequent immune responses. Our AAV vector targets both dividing and non-diving cells and persists in an extrachromosomal state without integrating into the genome of the host cells. 

Key AAV vectors advantages:

- Minimal immunogenicity/infectivity
- Non pathogenic to humans
- Low immune response
- Long-term Gene Expression
- Multiple Serotypes
- Efficient Transduction
- Dividing/Non-Dividing Cells


Activated Human Telomerase Gene

AAV Vector

Hybrid Virus


Gene Delivery explained

Our patented Gene Delivery Therapy is available only in Selected Regional clinics: please contact us for more information.

To prove the efficacy and safety of our Gene Delivery treatments we are conducting a Human Clinical Trial targeting Alzheimer's in cooperation with our sister company Libella Gene Therapeutics: more information can be found at the below link.

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