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The link between ageing and negative thinking

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think". Buddha It is well-known in psychology that our thoughts have a wide sphere of influence. Thoughts hold the power to affect our mood, guide our behaviours and impact our performance. Yet when you pause and look in the mirror, has it ever crossed your mind that your thoughts have contributed to the grey hair on your head or the crow's feet lining your eyes? When you can't quite remember details that used to come so easily to you, or your body doesn't bounce back quickly from a dose of illness, would you have attributed that to the string of words that flow through your mind? Research from Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and healt

NASA Twins Study Finds Space-Linked Changes to Gene Expression, Telomere Length

Astronaut Mark Kelly spent just shy of a year on the International Space Station. He also has a twin brother. NASA used this opportunity to study how life in space changes the human body. Three years after his return, the test results of his extended stay are in. Dubbed the NASA Twin Study, it is the most comprehensive integrated molecular, physiological and behavioral analysis of how the human body responds to space flight. The study included the work of 84 scientists, part of 10 teams from 12 universities across the United States. Each report studied different aspects of the human body in space. The data included cognitive measurements, physiological data and 27 months of samples from both

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We target cellular aging by Telomerase Gene Induction and  Gene Delivery.

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