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Libella Gene Therapeutics Announces Experimental Research Project in Hopes of Reversing Alzheimer&#3

Libella Gene Therapeutics is excited to announce an experimental research project using gene therapy to treat and ultimately cure Alzheimer's Disease. Every day 228 Americans die from Alzheimer's, and there is currently no known treatment or cure for the disease.

The experimental research project will treat a limited number of patients using gene therapy treatment to lengthen telomeres. Dr. Bill Andrews and Libella Gene Therapeutics believe that lengthening telomeres is the key to treating and possibly curing Alzheimer's Disease. Libella Gene Therapeutics' delivery system has been demonstrated as safe, with minimal adverse reactions in over 186 clinical trials.

On why they decided to go the experimental research project route, Libella Gene Therapeutics President Dr. Jeff Mathis said, "Traditional clinical research trials can take years and millions—or even billions—of dollars. The research and techniques that have been proven to work are ready now."

The experimental research project is prepping to begin in the next few weeks and will be conducted in partnership with MediHelp in Cartagena, Colombia. For more information on participating in this experimental research project, please visit

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