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Year Million, Series 1, Episode 2: Never Say Die.

Given how rapidly technology and intelligence have advanced humankind in the past 10 years, one can't help but wonder how different the world may be in another 10 years. National Geographic, however, is thinking big. The six-part docudrama "Year Million" paints a visual story of what it will be like to be a human 1 million years into the future. Narrated by Laurence Fishburne, the series features top futurists, scientists, scholars and notable science-fiction writers guiding viewers through the latest advances in technology, ideas and innovations and to an existence where we're living beyond our bodies, beyond our planet and beyond our solar system. Illustrative, imaginative storytelling describes humanity's fate through the lens of a typical futuristic American family, which includes an android daughter. In Season 1, Episode 2, Never Say Die, Radical Life Extension is achieved through Telomere Biology, Defytime's specialization: how will the idea of living forever change what it's like to be human?

The full episode is available at the following link:

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