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Defytime Announces Telomere Total Solution Program

Health is a state in which all the parts of the body are functioning normally: all organs, including brain, bones and blood vessels are essential parts of the human body. These parts consist of cells, the smallest units of the human body: this means that we are healthy when our cells are normal. Then, what is a normal cell? Each cell has chromosomes and human telomeres are at the ends of the chromosomes. Human telomeres dictate the health of the cell. In the human body, each time cells divide, telomeres become shorter: when telomeres reach a certain length, cells stop dividing and die. Keeping telomeres long leads to health and longevity.

Defytime is proud to announce the Telomere Total Solution Program, explained in the below video.

The Telomere Total Solution Program will raise a lifespan revolution, thanks to Telomere Coins, TAT (Telomere Analysis Technology), TSA (Telomere Support Advance), TAM (Telomerase Activating Molecules) and TAR (Telomere A. Intelligence Robot), as per the below diagram: contact us for more information.

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