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Defytime’s exclusive Aging Care Capsules now with a new formula and double the amount of TAM compound developed by Bill Andrews Ph.D.

  • Telomerase Activation Molecules (TAM) counteract and suppress the fundamental cause of aging: telomere shortening
  • Double strength TAM formula for increased efficacy
  • Made in New Zealand from quality ingredients
  • Each bottle contains 3 months supply
  • Gelatin free capsules
  • Child safe lid

Aging Care Capsules Double Strength 90 x 370mg

  • 2 x Telomerase Activation Molecules for superior efficacy

    With twice the amount of the most effective anti-aging compound available, and combined with our unique bio-active delivery technology, our aging care dietary supplement will rejuvenate your cellular and biological health with superior efficacy.

    Developed by Bill Andrews, Ph.D. of Sierra Sciences, TAM CO314818 is a state of the art Telomerase Activating Molecule (TAM) that counteracts and suppresses telomere shortening, which is the fundamental cause of aging.

    By interfering with the action of telomerase inhibiting substances TAM induces telomerase to function normally and to cause cell division to become more active leading to younger and healthier cells.

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